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New opportunities await you. Recent events at BlackBerry have created a major turning point in your career. While it is certainly a time of reflection, this is also a time for you to embrace change, craft a new future path, and get to know yourself better.

We are inviting all BlackBerry staff facing a future career change to try our online talent assessment platform for free. The insight you will gain will help you:

  • Uncover your inherent behavioral priorities, where you find self-worth and career satisfaction
  • Showcase these priorities, values and innate capabilities; helping both you and future employers create the perfect match
  • Apply the results to find not only the right position, but identify employers offering the best culture fit, ultimately increasing your career satisfaction

It’s never been a better time to go beyond the resume. Get hired for being you.

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From a former BB'er

"I met [Cream.HR CEO] Caitlin MacGregor during my pro-bono term at Communitech after I was laid off from BlackBerry. I took the Cream.HR assessment and it had a positive impact on my career search by highlighting my passions for technology and building business relationships.

The assessment essentially pointed strongly to a technical sales role which never crossed my mind since I am an engineer by trade. I started investigating this new exciting role through numerous informational interviews and ultimately, that's where I was able to find my current new job.

Cream.HR effectively articulated a strong set of credentials and insights which helped me differentiate myself among a large pool of applicants and also gave me a laser-focused job search."

~Gerald Valdez

Are you looking for awesome people to come work for you?

Employers, come find the best and the brightest  Are You Hiring?

The Kitchener-Waterloo community is full of awesome companies in need of top talent. Well, BlackBerry needs to downsize, which means it's the perfect opportunity for you to upsize. To schedule a time to go over the qualifications of these former BlackBerry employees that have taken our assessment through this program, click the button above.

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