What is Cream.hr?

Stop getting flooded with resumes

Most companies lose over 30 hours of productivity when hiring a single position.

It's too easy for applicants to just copy, paste and send. They apply for dozens of jobs a day hoping to get lucky.

Cream.hr filters applicants for you.

Bad hires cost a lot more than their salaries.

They suck up time from everyone else, harm morale, and disrupt productivity. Bad hires often become interwoven into office politics and are very hard to fire. Plus, there is the added cost of finding and training a replacement.

With Cream.hr, you hire the most productive people.

Resumes show the best & hide the rest

Employers often choose lesser candidates with great looking resumes. Since Education, Experience, and References are not an indicator of job performance, this is simply the wrong way to begin the hiring process.

Cream.hr cuts through the noise of the resume.

Good people are hard to find

46% of newly hired employees FAIL within 18 months.

Only 11% do so because they lack technical skills, while only 19% achieve unequivocal success.

Cream.hr identifies these traits BEFORE you ever read a resume.

Powerful algorithm.

Cream.hr uses scientifically proven and peer-reviewed research to create the proprietary algorithm that determines who is a top performing and not so top-performing worker.

Easily hide low scoring applicants.

With Cream.hr, filtering out time-wasting applicants is as easy as flipping a switch. Hide low scoring candidates quickly and easily, allowing you to shortlist only the best and the brightest.

Find Idea People.

The all-new Entrepreneur Score helps you find independent and "out of the box" thinkers. No matter your business, you are at your most competitive when you can bring new ideas to market.

Tag applicants

Keep track of what you wish to do with high scoring candidates. Use this feature for mini-notes as well. Think an applicant might be better for a different job you're offering? Make a note!